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I am starting to feel a little better, less exhausted and less scattered.

Conclusively, I have beginning stages of Lumbar (as well as Cervical) Discogenic Disease, calcification of the lateral discs at L1/L2, and will likely have mild arthritis in my right hip. I also have vertebral trauma, bruising and really bad contusions, but thankfully (sigh) no actual breaks or fractures like they initially thought after firts review of my second set of X-Rays.

After a closer look and in person consult, it was determined that I should continue care with a chiropractor, massage therapist (IRONY!) and take 400mg of ibuprofen three times daily. I have also upped my protein intake for muscle and soft tissue repair as well as glucosamine for my joints.

If I do not show improvement after this care regimen, in a few months I need to get an MRI to check for nerve damage, and see a Spine Specialist. If those treatments do not work, suergery is the last option (especially if nerve damage is detected), but I doubt it will come to that.

Today I had my first chiropractic treatment and it was nothing at all like what I expected. I had seen a chiropractor in the past for general health and wellness (6 years ago, as well as when I was 15 for lower back and neck tension), and recieved the trational crack and adjust, but today (last week was just my consult) I recieved lumbar stretching/decompression as well as electrical stimulations to re-boot the circulation in the muscles of my lower back.

I was initally freaked out by this because this was the worst injury I have ever had and in the back of my mind I kept worrying about that one thing going wonky and paralyzing me from the waist down.

Well, I am glad I did it anyway because I really feel an improvement. I came home afterwards, did my Yoga homework, and then went to my Yoga Center for their Monday night Beginner's class. Now, mind you, for Instructor Training I am dilligent about taking as many classes as possible and as many different kinds as possible, but for my own practice, I tend to enjoy the more challenging classes becauase I can focus better.

I have been babying myself, and I was a little stiff and sore and quite frankly a little scared about trying ANY poses in fear I was going to further injure myself; but after I was a little stretched and warmed up, I found that even the very basic, gentle (restorative) poses were really helping me (why I was scared of this is beyond me now), and I felt an overwhelming rush of relief and peace when I realized that I had been babying myself for too long and I should just concentrate on strengthening again.

I have always been very resillient, so this should not have been a surprise.

Believe me, I have no plans on over-doing it or over-extering myself by taking on too much challenge all at once, but once again, I have found peace and comfort and solace in my Yoga Practice.

Stuff And Things

Work has been amazing. I really love my new Massage Envy location. I had concerns that I would not love it as much as my Raleigh crew, but it has proven to be great and *knocks on wood* successful; an overall great change and step forward in my career.

By the end of May I will hopefully have enough saved to buy my new car (Mazda 2 Hatchback 2012) outright. I love Phoebe, but she has 165,000 miles on her and would be more expensive to fix than her actual book value at this point. I do have a mad love affair with my car, but I have to prepare.

Yoga Instructor Training is fabulous thus far.

I slipped on ice-caked front steps a few weeks ago outside my apartment building (No, maintenance had not salted the steps....Walkway - yes; steps? No....) First set of E.R. X-Rays came back negative, but after a follow-up with my primary doctor, I was ordered to get a second set because apparently he thinks I may have lumbar microfractures which would only show up on an X-Ray once they have started to calcify. Oddly, as long as I am not feeling any pain, working and doing regular stuff will not exacerbate the injury.

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I do have stuff and chores to do, but most of it is fun and liesure stuff.....Except my X-Rays. :P

My New Tattoo Is Complete!

Looking forward to getting my orchids on the other arm for my birthday next month :)

Very tired, but need to braindump.

Love to all!


Work has been nonstop crazy busy which is a good thing.
Enrolled in Yoga Instructor Training at Yoga Life of Devon, PA.
Gym has been good and have been running on the treadmill which is a step up from walking furiously like I have always done previously.


Trip has finally been booked to this year's AMTA National Massage Confrence in PORTLAND OREGON!!

I am really excited. I am nervous about flying and was plagued with insomnia/bad dreams about mid-air collisions and terrorist attacks, but with a little luck and a lot of love we will have a safe, fun, educational trip.

packgrog will be joining me, as our wedding anniversary is less than two weeks later. We will spend some time in Portland, then go to Vancouver, WA, possibly Eugene, OR and definitely Seattle for a day during which time I intend to take lots of pictures, drink lots of Starbuck's and.........*GASP*...... HAVE SALMON! I have really been holding out for a worthwhile justification and I think this qualifies.

More Later!

Peace and Love to ALL xoxoxoxo

Happy Autumn!!

Just found out yesterday that I will in all likelihood be offered the position as Lead Therapist at Massage Envy which is awesome. I hope I am up for the task and seriously need to have codes and regulations, etc. memorized so I can help my fellow therapists.

Been watching Buffy....Finally. Love it.

Loving Wayne and Philly.

Obsessed with Trader Joe's Wasabi Seaweed Snacks.

Been on a crazy soup making rampage for the last month or so....Just can't help myself.

Arranged my schedule so I can actually GO TO OPEN MIC at the Gryphon Cafe' which is in walking distance from my house xoxo

Started four classes this week: Abs & Thighs, Pilates (Mondays), Italian (Fridays) and Vigorous Yoga (Sunda nights).

Went to a Drum Circle two Fridays ago (almost three Fridays now...) with a FRIEND from work <3 (LOVING THAT I HAVE FRIENDS AGAIN!).

Been singing and practicing Yoga/some kind of exercise/dancing at home again in addition to my classes.

Been walking just about every night with packgrog.

Need to go out and take FOLIAGE PICTURES!!!!!!!

Love to All! xoxo

Yesterday's Farmer's Market Dinner!

Local/Seasonal Veggie Stew With Italian Polenta!

"Never Trust A Skinny Chef!" LOL

The Stew:
Sea Salt
Veggie Boullion

Italian Polenta:
Polenta Mix
Fresh Garlic Chunks
Crushed Red Pepper

I had such a yen to go to the Farmer's Market for a while and yesterday I finally went :)

Unfortunately, it was blazing sun and 92 degrees, so needless to say I was drained of all my energy and woke up with a splitting migraine this morning BOOOOOOOOO! But dinner was amazing :)

Stolen From faeriegigi

A. Age: 35 (In 10 Days...)
B. Bed size: Full, But Lulu uses most of it.
C. Chore you hate: I don't mind chores but I wish it did not take packgrog the whole weekend to PUSH-MOW one acre in 110 degree weather.....
D. Dogs: Love Them But Prefer Cats ^-^
E. Essential start to your day: Personal Hygeine, Caffeine and MUSIC.
F. Favorite color: Black, Sage, Purple & Brown
G. Gold or Silver: White Gold or Silver
H. Height: 5'
I. Instruments you play: Guitar, Piano, Clarinet (Bet you did not know that one!)
J. Job Title: Massage Therapist, Crazy Bead Lady, Photographer & on days I can think - Admin Assist & Bookkeeper :P
K. Kids: I Love Children and have two FURRY CHILDREN :)
L. Live: In My Head and with my Heart.
M. Mom’s name: Norma
N. Nicknames: Beetlejuice, Lydia the Tattooed Lady
O. Overnight hospital stays:
P. Pet peeve: Oh, the list is a long one.
Q. Quote from a movie: Just remember my name - Armand.
R. Right or left handed: Right/Ambidexterous.
S. Siblings: 2 Half Brothers, 1 Half Sister (whom I know of..)
T. Time you wake up: 6:45ish Weekdays but I get out of bed around 7:30
U. Underwear: Clean
V. Vegetables you dislike: I love most vegetables except peas.
W. What makes you run late: Insomnia, Anxiety
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Dental & Spinal
Y. Yummy food you make: Most Anything (no, really.....)
Z. Zoo: I used to love the zoo, but now I really think most of them are inhumane.



In other news, I went to Blue Flame Tattoo in Raleigh, NC after work today for pricing on my new tattoo which I hope to get on or around my birthday in a few weeks.

I am also touching up the one on my upper back and consulting about two future pieces I have in mind, and I think I am going to re-pierce my tongue at some point very soon.

I had two massage sessions yesterday and one trade today with another therapist. I enjoy working on her because she is really receptive and gives really good coaching feedback which I need at this point since I am just starting out.

I also sat in on a cupping session today. I am not sure I am ready to consider lymphatic or acupressure cupping, but it is really fascinating and I enjoy learning about it.

More Later.

Thank Goodness For Bodywork; Also - INK!

I have had a chronic (almost debilitating) stiff neck that went from my ears all the way down to my waist for the last week or so and have finally had some relief today after generous bodywork from one of my co-workers as well as a full hour with my former instructor.

I am now pondering alcohol to assist/enchance/prolong muscle relaxation after taking a HOT SHOWER.

I have also made the decision to treat myself to a new tattoo for my upcoming ("29 for the 7th Time") birthday. I have been pining over the idea of a purple/green/black Lotus Flower to cover/co-mingle with with tribal piece I have on my lower back. It has been a long time coming and think I may be in the position to finally do it. YAY :)

I also need to touch up my Triple Goddess.

Jan. 28th, 2011

I have been listening to Italian For Dummies CD in the car. I am starting to *think* in Italian which is pretty cool, but I inadvertently spoke to some clients out loud in Italian too. It was pretty funny.

I did not realize how much I had retained over the years during which time I had not been using it at all except for playing around and whilst inebriated.

Funny that.

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